Strategic lines of GIBI 2^ 30

  • Conceptualisation, development and approval of imaging biomarkers.
  • New technologies and procedures based on molecular and functional imaging.
  • Definition and start up of parametric imaging with biological, functional, anatomical and structural information. Definition of molecular tissue signatures.
  • Tracking of stem cell implants via marking with functional nanoparticles and imaging.
  • Development of new contrast mediums and new forms of visualisation.
  • Controlling security aspects of ionising radiation.
  • Extraction and documentation of information associated with the sources of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images in order to evaluate and measure the quality of processes involving imaging research.
  • The development of percutaneous technologies and the generation of new systems to diagnosing and treatment systems.
  • The use of percutaneous and endovascular approaches to anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor treatment factors.