Research Group of Biomedical Image (GIBI 2 ^ 30)

The Biomedical Imaging Research Group (GIBI2^30) aims to strengthen and develop the use of imaging techniques and biomarkers, via conceptual and mechanical trials. Furthermore, with a multidisciplinary and multimodality approach to both research in clinical care and in experimenting with animals, it aims to optimize the diagnostic and therapeutic efficiency of medical imaging.

GIBI2^30 also aims to promote clinical trials in which medical imaging and imaging biomarkers may have a relevant role. Furthermore it also hopes to promote and develop the use of ‘evidence based medical imaging’ for the analysis of healthcare technology, and the implementation of innovative clinical guidelines.

Lastly, the group will provide access to technical resources to other groups and researchers, openly facilitating the improvement of the quality of their research, in order that they can develop their own objectives efficiently.