Teaching in ‘The Clinical Area of Medical Imaging’ (ACIM) aims to train all personnel (medics undergoing specialised and on-going training, nurses, technical staff, and assistants) in the processes of integrating information, communication, gradual responsibility and adapting to working in healthcare, as well as the certification and recertification of processes and knowledge.

Teaching and support go hand in hand in university hospitals. The teaching unit develops the training of the students, residents and professionals involved with medical imaging, and is equipped with all the tools, technical resources, professors and tutors necessary for the educational programme and further monitoring of residents. The teaching unit abides by certain established norms and regulations within the department. With a hierarchical organisation scheme, it accounts for all teaching and research assisted tasks of residents. The teaching unit has both a high quality and tailored comprehensive programme, and a ‘Residents Training Manual’. Students undertake daily sessions in the ‘Area of Imaging/Área de Imagen’, as well as the clinical radiology sessions that they participate in within different departments.