Who are we?

Medical imaging professionals, both radiologists and nuclear medics alike, are specialised doctors qualified in the diagnostic and therapeutic use of medical imaging.

Furthermore, imaging professionals value the benefits of examinations, and guarantee the highest levels of safety and satisfaction of patients in all aspects of the process, especially during the carrying out of procedures.

Medical imaging professionals are responsible for establishing high standards of care in all health service processes; from adequate reasoning, processing and administration of examinations, and the assessment and informing of results, to communication and follow-up procedures of patients.

Similarly, they have the knowledge and abilities to evaluate; the quality of diagnoses following examinations, the best ways to proceed after any problems are encountered, and the best therapies and interventions (with the aid of imaging).

Medical imaging professionals are responsible for stimulating critical thinking and personalised medicine via investigation and teaching of the speciality.

They are also the final guarantee of innovation in medical imaging, and of collaboration between multi-disciplines where medical imaging is a relevant tool.