Corruption investigates the main awardee of the resonances


In the midst of discussing the management model of public health and the courts nullifying contests outsourcing this law, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Valencia investigates a key enterprise in the privatization of MRIs in Valencia. A concert that the Government, ruled by Eduardo Zaplana, extended 15 years ago, opposed by the professional association for radiologists.

A report of the Audit Office last year and warned of overspending the controversial concert and resonances that would be cheaper if the conduct directly Valencian health system. What is the plan now suspect that Eresa, the firm that leads Erescanner Health-awarded the joint venture companies of the last contest resonances of the Generalitat in 2008 amounting to 497 million euros and a period of 10 years, doubled radiodiagnostic and fraudulently bill evidence to the Public Administration for work not performed. The facts alleged could constitute crimes against the Treasury, corporate, forgery, fraud, misappropriation and against the public administration.

Ten months ago, prosecutors opened proceedings on a complaint against Eresa for allegedly billing the Department of Health for diagnostic tests do not actually performed. The proceedings have been extended by the State Attorney General pending documentation requested various institutions on possible false invoices, so you can still take several months. Meanwhile, one of the investigated companies linked to Eresa has stopped working.

The group of the Special Prosecutor for Corruption and Organized Crime of Valencia has focused on finding out if there is a pattern of false invoices on contracts and subcontracts Eresa, who was also one of the winners of the previous contest in 2000. With concerts, radiodiagnostic tests have multiplied, as public alerted radiologists.

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