Medical imaging provides health and well-being


The health professionals at the Área Clínica de Imagen Médica (ACIM) at the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe have demonstrated their appreciation of the commitments made by healthcare workers within their services by planting a tree. Symbolically representing ‘health and well-being’, the tree was planted in the grounds opposite the department. The planting ceremony is a recognition to all professionals in the area who have committed themselves to the organization and care of the service, something that is evident in the quality of patient care.

The gesture was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the City of Valencia, who donated the use of the land. In addition to planting a tree, participants also inaugurated a commemorative placard in recognition of the work achieved since the opening of the department. The head of department, Dr Luis Martí Bonmatí, the Representative Councillor of Parks and Gardens, Lourdes Bernal, and the manager of Hospital La Fe, Dr Melchor Hoyos were those in charge of inaugurating the placard, which was placed next to the tree. The tree planted was a Ginkgo Biloba, known as the tree of hope and perseverance, and known to have different healing and other beneficial properties. The tree planting is part of a celebration of Jornada Abierta de Actualizacion en Imagen Medica, whose primary objective is for professionals in the department to inform the public of the attitudes and abilities that are developed in certain aspects of the trials and treatments that are most frequently experienced by patients.


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