Grantt José Bonmatí

Dr José Bonmatí Bonmatí died in January 2012. At a time when radiology was fighting to be considered an art in the practice of medicine, and not just an imaging technique, he was considered both a personal and professional mentor to many radiologists.

He qualified as a resident in Radiology at the Emory University of Atlanta (1952-53). Despite being deeply impressed and attracted by the dedication and efficiency of work in The United States, he returned to Spain. Maintaining his passion with America, he practised as a radiologist and consultant in the Radiology Department at the USAF Hospital of Base Aérea, Torrejón for thirty-seven years (1955-92). Furthermore, he was appointed as the head of service of Radio-diagnostics at the Hospital del Aire (1958-80), and Head Colonel and General Practitioner (1980-1985). As president of SERAM (1947-77), he contributed to the creation of the Foundation of Spanish Radiology.

In his constant commitment to the development and the teaching of radiology, he displayed enormous capability in establishing relationships of science, creating strong and lasting links in and outside of Spain, and actively participating in societies and conferences. Dr José Bonmatí was also the Chairman of the International Commission on Rules and Regulations (1973-95) and General Secretary of the XIII International Congress of Radiology in 1973.

He received numerous and significant recognition: In 1973 he was awarded the ‘gold medal for merit in work’ by the XIII International Congress of Radiology; In 1976, he was named Honorary Fellow of the American College of Radiology; In 1977 was awarded the ‘gold medal for merit in work‘ by the XIV International Congress of Radiology; In 1988 he was awarded the ‘gold medal for merit in work’ by SERAM; In 1989 he was awarded the ‘Médaille Antoine Béclère’ at the VII International Congress of Radiology; In 1995, he was awarded the ‘Medalla Boris Rajewski’ by the European Association of Radiology; And in 1998, the ‘gold medal for merit in work’ by the XIII International Congress of Radiology.

The José Bonmatí grant has been founded to encourage the exchange of knowledge and to improve the professional relationships between The United States and Spain. It was established with the collaboration between three radiologists close to Dr José Bonmatí: his daughter, Dra Carmen Bonmatí, Radiologist at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre in Houston, and his pupils and friends, Dr Marvin Nelson, head of the Radiology Department at the Children´s Hospital in Los Angeles, and Dr Luis Martí Bonmatí, head of ACIM at the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe in Valencia.

In 2014, the first grant was awarded to Dr Roberto Llorens, Paediatric Radiologist at this hospital, for his study – “Advanced Neuroimaging in Perinatal Asphyxia”.

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