ACIM wellcomes diagnostic imaging superior technician

ACIM has recently welcomed diagnostic imaging superior technician, Raquel Nombela Nuñez to the biomedical investigation team, GIBI230. Previously working as ´applications specialist´ at PHILIPS Ibérica in radiology, and in PHILIPS Mexico, Nombela Nuñez obtained extensive knowledge in MRI and complex studies such as spectroscopy, perfusion, cardiology and paediatrics. She will primarily take charge of:

  • The start up and optimization of the acquisition of images of research teams in GIBI230. Currently, ‘Resonancia Magnética Philips DS Achieva 3,0T TX‘ and ‘Philips Veradius’ digital mobile fluoroscopic equipment is used.
  • Defining protocols and adjusting to different protocols of studies, including experiments with animals.
  • Managing the maintenance plans of teams within the research group.
  • Providing technical support to researchers that require the use of imaging in order to carry out experiments in different fields of research, such as neurology, stem cells, cardiology and oncology.

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